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My name is  Temitope Rahman popularly known as Coach Tope.

I have trained over 3 thousand people on how to lower blood Pressure. I am the creator of the 7 Days Hypertension Reversal Challenge with BP CRUSHER which has helped hundreds of PEOPLE struggling with uncontrolled hypertension to achieve and sustain healthy numbers without side effects and taking them off medications.

So if you are tired of all the discomforts and complications that you are battling with now and you are not prepared to live on drugs for the rest of your life. 

If you desire to have normal and sustainable healthy blood pressure, then I have an amazing natural secret that can help you to escape hypertension with no side effects.

Through extensive research and testing, I have developed a natural solution that can help lower your blood pressure levels and improve your overall health. I know that normal hospital medications can come with unwanted side effects and risks, and that’s why I believe in taking a natural approach.

My unique combination of ingredients, including  Turmeric, basil with vitamin B6, and magnesium, have been shown to be safe and effective in reducing blood pressure levels.

By taking this natural approach, you can feel confident that you’re taking care of your body in the best possible way.

I’ve been using this guide for 8months. Within weeks my blood pressure dropped immensely. I have maintained roughly 116 over 60-72.

With The Self Help Methods in it, You Will …

What People Are Saying About Solution …

I waited awhile before writing this message to be sure the (results) I received from using guidiance in 'Advance BP crusher" was lasting and it is! Yours is the first that worked! I liked the recipies-they are easy to get.. My blood pressure is now under my control. I can't thank you enough.
Lasting Results!
Good morning Tope I want to let you know thatfor the last 4months I have purchased advanced BP crusher for my brother for relief of the pain in his heart. He is now very okay your guide has been a big help in reducing that pains.
Big Help in Reducing Pain
Thank you so very, very, very, much for your advance Bp crusher guide. My cholesterol was 760 and my triglycerides were at 1400, my doctor could not believe I was still alive because I had heart attack. After taking all the recipes in bp crusher to action for just a week. my doctor tested me again and to my amazement my cholesterol was 138 and my triglycerides are at 131. I now have confidence of living long.
Cholesterol and Triglycerides Normal!

Introducing  – Advanced HBP CRUSHER!

Here's What You Will Get Inside....

Here Are 3 Simple Why This Advance HBP Crushing
Program Is Effective!

The #1 – It Targets The Root Cause Of The High Blood Pressure
In Your Body; It stops the progression of the disease
and reverses it. This is different from the common

The #2 – It Focuses On Healing Your Body From Inside Out:
No other method ever does this. The result is your own
healed body relearns to control the blood pressure by
itself such that you will no longer need pills anymore.

The #3 – It Is Specific To You:
You are the one with the problem, you know your body better
than anyone else. You get to apply the strategy on yourself
based on your exact needs and you heal yourself-Just follow
ALL the instructionns given.

And Guess what? Very Easy To Implement


All You Need To Access This Program Is Your Phone.

The Guide is  Well Written in Downloadable PDF

No long talk, download in the Next 3-Minutes
to Grab the STEP BY STEP and see your BP Drop So Fast

But Wait! There is more…

You Will Also Get The Following Live Changing Bonuses If You Act Now


Revolutionize your health and conquer high blood pressure once and for all with our game-changing HBP Implementation Handbook, packed with expert strategies and practical tips to help you take control of your health and live your best life!

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Say goodbye to blood pressure worries and hello to vibrant health with our mouth-watering and easy-to-implement healthy food and meal plan, expertly designed to bring your blood pressure back to normal and give you the energy and vitality you deserve!”

Transform your health with our delicious and easy-to-follow healthy food and meal plan, scientifically proven to help you lower your blood pressure and achieve optimal health.

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Say goodbye to painful stomach ulcers and enjoy a life free from discomfort with our comprehensive guide to natural ulcer management.

Unlock the secrets to soothing and healing stubborn ulcers with our proven techniques and take back control of your digestive health today!

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 So, of course you already know everything I am giving you is worth well over =N=35,000.

But you’re never going to pay anything near that price. 

Not =N=14,000, Not even =N=9,000 which is the normal selling price.

…SO INSTEAD OF CHARGING OUR REGULAR PRICE OF =N=9,000,(Which I would have loved to sell it for) I’m practically giving it away…
For =N=1,000 Naira ($1) 
(Yes, Really…For Today only)

If you do not buy this Advance HBP Crusher Now, then you will have to spend about 13years I have spent to discover natural system to lower blood pressure.

You will have to face all trials, the failures, Lost of money, sleepless nights and many complications of Hypertension.

That is an experience you will hate, I assured You!

My Dad, Pharm Adeyemi managed to survived hypertension because he was lucky.

Will You Be Lucky As He Was?

Maybe you can try and find out for yourself, Right?

But why would you go through all that pain to find out, when you can just buy experience very cheap today.

I have made all the mistakes, gone through the failures and discovered what works and doesn’t work.

And Listen ...Think About It

What I am asking you is less than the amount of money you will spend on a plate of food, Recharge cards and other stuff that takes away money from you without improving your health.

Instead of those, get this Advance HBP Crusher and it will change your will give you far overall good health.

So let's add all these up just so you can see for yourself what great deal you're getting.

Click Here To Get Them Now FOR JUST =N=1,000

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Temitope Yusuf Rahman

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This is just an Introductory Offer at a very reduced price.

It goes to full price tomorrow so that I can have full attention to guide my customers on the implementation.

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.​

I get it. Here’s My Astonishing 90-Day. Love it or It’s Free money Back Guarantee.

 Just enroll into   Advanced HBP Crusher. Right Now, use the recommended recopies (It’s so easy to find and use and it comes with Step-by-Step done for you instructions).

See for yourself how much more enjoyable life will be for you.

If you don’t think the ”Advance HBP Crusher” is worth at least double what you’re paying today, or if the strategies in it doesn’t work for you even better than I have described it will, Just send an sms/email/whatapp 07014117111 anytime within the next 90-days and you will get every kobo you paid back.

 Why Am I Being So Generous?

Because I want this for you…I want you to experience the incredible power and freedom that comes from being able to live a healthy life without High Blood Pressure Worries.


Total Value – 35,000 Naira

Regular Price – 9,000 Naira

Today’s Price =N=1,000  

Here’s How To Get Your Copy

Now you have all the information. You know this is for you.

It’s time to make a decision


Then Send The Payment Evidence To Me on 07014117111

It’s Time to Kick Hypertension Out of Your Life

You can walk away from this and continue to spend money every month on drugs that will eventually fail just like they do.

We know you are afraid – You are probably thinking

Will This Work For You?


And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.

There are plenty of blood pressure gimmicks out there, and most of them flat out don’t work.

With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so I challenge you to do what I did: try it for yourself! Conduct your own study and see the incredible results for yourself.

You won’t believe your new blood pressure reading!

Hypertension may be the silent killer, but you don’t have to play “blood pressure roulette” with your life. Not anymore.

Armed with the information in this article, along with the ability to try out ADVANCE HBP CRUSHER risk-free, you too can make high blood pressure a thing of the past.

But hurry, this Discount offer won’t last forever.

And we know it will because it has worked for other people.

There is no risk involved. No side effects. IT IS A PURE LIFESYLE CHANGES.

It brings joy to our faces too when we receive testimonies from people who have used this natural therapy to become healthy again when they have lost all hope.

We want to receive your own testimony as well very soon.

But I must warn you...

You will get worse if you don’t take action today. Your blood pressure will continue to skyrocket and no amount of medication will save you.
Your health will spiral out of control and you’ll be a massive burden such as stroke on your family who will come to resent you for wasting so much of their time with never-ending complaining, doctor visits, and the myriad of expensive pills with side effects.

You will be dependent on temporary fixes into your body every day…you won’t be able to enjoy the fun this world has to offer…you’ll constantly feel terrible about yourself because you’re hypertensive which can lead to many other complications and have little hope of a better future.

You will be so unhappy and crabby that no one will want to be around you and you’ll spend the bulk of your days all by yourself. Alone…to sulk in your own misery…constantly worrying about when your time on this planet will be up.

Is that what you want?

If not, then grabbing the “ADVANCE HBP CRUSHER” AND ALL THE BONUSES ATTACHED TO IT is not just the best solution right now…

It’s the ONLY solution!

Time is NOT on your side anymore. Now is the time for action.

So go ahead and make the only smart choice you can make by CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW TO ORDER NOW  so that you can instantly GET ADVANCED HBP CRUSHER PACK in your hand and improve your future…starting today!



As you can already see, this program is head and shoulders above just foods and exercises.

This Program is based on the super powerful high BP killer STRATEGY – the High BP reversal method™.

And each of the 3 phases of mind, body and freedom, you have three steps you MUST TAKE.

It is time to make the SHIFT from yo-yo dieting and exercising to High BP Reversal as the Program helps you.

So if you already ‘watch what you eat’, yet your BP is still high, this is evidence that even though you believe you’ve been “eating healthy”, you have NOT been eating to REVERSE high blood pressure.

This program comes with a pre-built Meal Plan to help you switch to using your food for high BP control, while the Lessons teach you a lot more beyond ‘just food’.

Would you rather keep “watching what you eat” even though it has been failing you?

First, congrats on continuing to SEARCH for a solution to your problems UNTIL you get your RESULTS.

Second, in all your search, have you ever tried the use of the High BP Reversal Method ™?

If NO, then let’s get started

What works is STRATEGY! Nothing else.

Or don’t you want it to work for you?

Everyone you see testifying, made up their minds that IT WOULD WORK FOR THEM.

So, do you want it to WORK FOR YOU?

That’s really all you need!
we teach this in Lesson one- you need to detox all self-doubt and fears from your mind!
100% of the people who have got these amazing results all had 100 % BELIEF, even though all other reports were looking bad. Their one true Belief was _ I am done with high BP – this is how i get FREE from high BP !!1 And this was how they had their breakthroughs!
Besides the Real Question for you is, Are you READY to become FREE starting from today?
If yes, the CLICK THE BUTTONS to pay and enroll now

Simple answer, “when people pay, they PAY ATTENTION”

And because we want you to not just PAY ATTENTION, but GET GOOD RESULTS, that’s why we have attached a tiny investment fee to it, so you can COMMIT and enjoy your numbers.


Yes, we treat all reports and results of our clients with topmost professional confidentiality.

We do not sell or transfer your data and all your success stories can only be shared with your name on them IF you grant us permission to do so.

Otherwise all your personal data is secret and safe with us.





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