Hello! If You’re  In Nigeria And Over 30, Then I Urge You to Read This:

You’re About to Discover Why Everything You’ve Learned About HYPERTENSION Is A Lie!

There’s no hiding from it. This threat affects every single human being and doesn’t discriminate against gender or race – no matter where you live in the world.

Devastated Daughter Reveals Little-Known Heart Secrets That Save Dad – Easier than Using of amlodipineSaying Goodbye to Fat and Salt

Dear Friend,Imagine, not having to give up salt, fat, or wine from your diet because they’re NOT “heart healthy”…with issues like High blood Pressure that have even developed to Hypertension.

Voila, you wake up full of energy and spring out of bed ready to start your day.  

Now Imagine, finding a secret all-natural source of alternative treatments and protocols that crushes the standard medical advice of “take a nifedipine  and avoid red meat.”

Your blood pressure hits the golden 120/80 numbers and you feel better than you have in decades…

Let me cut to the chase:

I Don’t Want You To Be ONE of the 2,200 Who Will Die Tomorrow from a Heart Attack or Stroke

I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m just genuinely concerned for your well-being.Because the truth is that 1 in 3 people who die in the NIGERIA die from heart disease. That means heart disease WILL touch you or the life of someone you love.Heart disease is the leading cause of death for BOTH men and women.

I mentioned the natural system that could be the answer to your heart problems.You see this system works so well because you are naturally wired to respond to it.

So, how did I stumble onto it?

Well, one day, I was on vacation with my husband at Abeokuta, Capital of Ogun State, Nigeria.It was vacation we planned all year to celebrate our first anniversary of marriage.We came back from the Obasanjo resort pool and excitedly changed for the lunch my husband had planned…a romantic meal at a delicious local farm-to-table restaurant.He held open the hotel room door for me to walk out…as my cell phone rang.It was my youngest sister, who usually always texts and never calls.“Hi there,” I answered.“Daddy is going to die!” she sobbed into phone.I froze…helpless as the blood drain out of my face.I was across the country where there was no airport and knew I had to get home immediately.She cried hysterically, “I’ve never been so scared.”I waited a few seconds for her to say something else.“What happened?” I asked quietly.Frightening questions barreled through my mind as I stood paralyzed with fear…

“He was doing some work on a ladder outside the house,” she said.

“As he was coming down off the ladder, the neighbor said she saw him grab his chest and fall to the ground.” Thank God, the neighbor was outside that fateful day.The neighbor called 911 and the paramedics arrived. Quick thinking first responders saved his life. My dad suffered a sudden and violent heart attack that day.

He was lucky to be alive.He stayed in critical condition in the hospital for about three weeks while they monitored him because his heart was so taxed and weak. Fortunately, my uncle was able to get to the hospital quickly. It took three exhausting journey to get myself and my husband home as early as possible the next night.My other sister left her baby daughter with her mother-in-law, booked a last minute flight, and arrived 48 hours later.

We all rushed to Dad’s hospital bed.

Our stepmother sobbed…frozen with worry. The same questions on loop in my mind were no doubt compounded in hers. We all stood around him heartbroken and scared.Every day we spent at the hospital was more exhausting than the last. 

My Dad went from being an energetic, hardworking, and driven man, to not being able to speak or move.

It Could Happen To You…

I can only imagine how humiliating that was for him.He couldn’t sit up.He couldn’t feed himself.He couldn’t even go to the bathroom by himself.He would just stare at us and try to mouth words. Sometimes a sound or two would come out. But most times you couldn’t understand anything.At the hospital, the constant invasion of specialists, surgeons, doctors, technicians, nurses, and medical assistants poking and prodding him was unbearable.We had to educate every new shift of nurses on duty as to what was going on with him. Every day we were asked questions that we’d answered just hours earlier.We were afraid to leave him alone because what if they gave him a treatment he didn’t need?Or prescribed him medication for a condition he didn’t have?Our worst fears were realized……One morning they prescribed him medication for a condition they “thought” he had.We didn’t have a clue he was given a nearly fatal cocktail of drugs.We only left his side for a few minutes to go to the food vendor for a quick snack.

He suffered a seizure at the hospital.They gave him a combination of drugs HE NEVER NEEDED!He shook violently, vomited, and nearly went unconscious for what felt like an eternity.How much more could he take?Imagine if this happened to you or your loved one?

You’d feel helpless. Frightened out of my mind I didn’t want my 65-year-old dad to spend his Golden Years frail, feeble, his strong mind failing him, his taxed heart giving out on him one night…

The Doctor Told Him, “He Was Blessed to Be Alive…”  he’s Blood Pressure was not well managed.

Regardless of the damage to his heart that had been done. The doctor told them that his heart could not heal or be repaired, it would NOT get any better.Suddenly I knew I had to prove the doctor wrong!I thought about the rest of my father’s life and wondered — if this was the way the rest of it was going to be…”Did he really want to live like this?” I asked myself.I was driven to take a few of the heart health secrets I knew through my research and dive deeper.

I discovered even more hushed up heart treatments!Some were 5,000 years old.Some of these discoveries are NEVER BEFORE SEEN on the cutting-edge of alternative medicine.Without swallowing pills with deadly side effects… 

…Or having to pay =N=4,000,000 for an unexpected heart bypass surgery.You’ll be able to help your entire body relax and create a feeling of well-being.It’s a solution that won’t drain your life savings with invasive expensive therapies.It’s a proven and verified by numerous scientific journals and medical research studies.Imagine being able to have peace of mind that you’ll be around to see your grandchildren grow up.Just picture taking that dream cruise to anywhere  or easily bending down to plant fresh flowers in your backyard.How about taking the time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset, without the constant pressure of worrying about how you’ll pay for the next costly treatment or prescription you’ll have to buy……All that worry and aggravation certainly doesn’t help your heart or your blood pressure!Imagine the boundless energy you’ll have if you just make a few simple tweaks to your daily meal – you can flood your blood cells with more oxygen and vital nutrients without doing a single jumping jack.…Your blood will flow quickly and easily through your arteries and veins like a rushing stream on a cool  day.

I Had No Choice,I Knew I Had To Do It.

Hi, my name is Yemi.

I’ve been a health researcher and writer for over 15 years.

I’ve watched trends come and go. I know what works and what doesn’t.I’ve written countless alternative health and wellness articles. I’ve ghostwritten over 25 alternative health and wellness books with some of the most influential alternative doctors, researchers, and renegades.I’m just like you.

I don’t have any fancy credentials behind my name. However, I believe in real verifiable scientific research and medical studies.That’s why everything I write is backed up with references and citations. I take this seriously and it’s my mission to help you.I don’t want your family to suffer like mine did. 

Let me show you the proof right now…

Reclaim Your Power!It’s Time to Transform Your Heart Health and Break Free From These Medical Chains of Lies!

I want you to know that it’s possible to recover from a serious heart event!You can prevent deadly heart episodes, manage years of arterial plaque buildup, lower your blood pressure, slash the additional risk factors like high blood sugar, and beat the odds!My Dad did it and so can you! And best of all…there are no complicated protocols. You don’t have to give up red meat, cheese, your glass of wine or scotch, or even your favorite cigar.And in a way, I’m almost grateful that our family went through this terrible event…

Because it encouraged me to dig for the TRUTH…

…A way to beat the biggest lie of 21st century medicine: “Take a statin and avoid red meat.”

Since statins were released to the world at large, they are the MOST prescribed drugs in the Nigeria. – with about 17 million daily users. 

If you’re tired of being railroaded by drugs like Lipitor, Livalo, Mevacor or Altocor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lescol, or Crestor…

..If you are sick of their damaging side effects like:

It’s time to set yourself free.

You deserve to live your best life right now!

This Little-Known Healing Breakthroughs Flips Traditional Hypertension treatment

I know you must have seen or use a lot of so called herbal Hypertension treatment products online.All of them are sub-standard  

The Method I’m about to reveal will…

I want you to feel vibrant, healthy, and happy as you move through your day with confidence – knowing you’re fully in control of your heart health.That’s why you need what I’ve created for you…

In Just Minutes A Day You Can Dramatically Normalize Your Blood Pressure!

However…If you’re someone who’d rather swallow Pharmaceutical pills that could cause dangerous reactions and deadly side effects…

If you believe the massive social rumors  that claim you should give up butter, cheese, red meat, and liquor…

Only to eat fake butter, fake milk, and engineered foods that will destroy your hormones, demasculinize men, and leave you nutritionally deprived…

If you’d rather pay for an unexpected heart bypass surgery or treat stroke later 

 if any of the above describes how you feel, then stop right here and go away…

Because what I have to share today is For Those who wants to Holistically solve their heart problem without wasting their hard earned money.

Now hopefully, you believe that there are powerful little-known methods for reducing your risk of a heart attacksome have been used for over 2,000 years (and work)!


You’ll discover the real deal behind…

What’s really happening to your body as an Hypertensive, heart event or stroke…And How to quickly take life-saving action when it happens to you or a loved one!

We need to see radical change in heart disease treatment!Otherwise, the statistics of death will continue to worsen and more people will die from this disease.

It doesn’t have to be like this! 

 It’s  Time For Drastic Action

I gathered up everything I learned about heart disease over the past decade… and for months I devoted myself to studying the latest research, techniques, and studies.

I found so many products that we’re powerful natural scientifically verified solutions…

Excited to share these effective alternative underground health secret, a never before seen product for reversing any heart disease…called, “Herbal For Hypertension” …120/80 Secrets.

Lower blood pressure

If you have been suffering from hypertension or you are worried about the changing readings on blood pressure, then you should try “Herbal For Hypertension”. It helps to maintain your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Maintain blood sugar

It helps to reduce your elevated blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it reduces insulin resistance. The cinnamon ingredient in this “Herbal For Hypertension” helps to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.

Reduce cholesterol level

High cholesterol level is the main culprit for high blood pressure. “Herbal For Hypertension” pills help to reduce your elevated cholesterol level to approximately 27%.

Rich in antioxidants

The natural ingredients of “Herbal For Hypertension” provide antioxidants to your body. It helps your body to fight against free radical damage.

Improves heart health

“Herbal For Hypertension” is vital to improve the overall health of the heart. It reduces the risk of development of any heart-related disorder.

Simply by using all natural, and effective  scientifically proven to work found only in Herbal For Hypertension… 120/80 Secrets, just like this one:

Inside “Herbal For Hypertension” 120/80 Secrets You’ll Find…

“Herbal For Hypertension” is an Exciting New Blood Pressure eliminating AYUVEDIC MEDCINE .The Secret is in our proprietary formulation of 4 key ingredients – NAGKESHAR,ARJUN, MAGNESSIUM and Vitamin B6… which are proven to help reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

                               Our unique formula has been…

*Clinically proven to Supports Health Systolic Levels

*Supports Healthy Diastolic Levels*Improve blood circulation*Lower bad cholesterol and help balance blood sugar levels.

*Supports Overall Cardio Health

*Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*It also delivers a boost of nourishment and anti-oxidants to your cells to promote improved overall health.

OUR HERBAL HERBAL CARE is 100% All-Natural…

…so you quickly achieve your blood pressure reduction goals without the risk of adverse side effects – at an affordable price.

It took several years of research to come up with this product. This pioneering remedy is the outcome of countless studies conducted over 30 years by teams of internationally-respected scientists and Cardiohealth specialists, including Prof. John Mash of Corneil University, NYC.


Herbal For Hypertension is the only 100% all-natural product on the market today that is formulated based on these scientific findings.JUST 2CAPs DAILY AND WATCH YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE NORMALIZE WITHIN A WEEK.Imagine, today against all medical drugs; heart attack,stroke e.t.c is killing young and old in Nigeria.

I have been using “Herbal For Hypertension”for the past 30 days. Not only my blood pressure is normal, but it is perfect. My last reading was 120/78, but before using this medicine, my readings fluctuated between 140-160 over 90. 

Mum Grace


Thank you, “Herbal For Hypertension” my blood pressure is under control with these natural ingredients. It is much more stable with this product than it was with any prescription medicine. I feel so much better now. I love this product.



My doctor told me that she’d be putting me on higher medications if my blood pressure remains uncontrolled. Not wanting to take any medicines, I started this natural product. My blood pressure is now  stable and normal. This advanced formula works for me. 




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That is an experience you will hate, I assured you. My dad barely managed to survived Hypertension because he was lucky.

                                                          Will you be as lucky as He was?

But why would you go through any pain again to find out permanent cure, when you can just buy one Herbal For Hypertension pack- very cheap today.

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Think about it, What we are asking you for is not even up to amount of money you will spend on DSTV,Transport and other inorganic products/drugs that takes away your money.

Instead of those, get this Herbal For Hypertension care and it will change your life.

It will give you far more energy and freedom to do what you love, enjoy yourself with friends and family Normalize Your Blood pressure In The First 7 Days and Stabilize It In The Next 20 Days. 

When you compare what you are paying to how much you will pay for a STROKE TREATMENT or heart worth millions of Naira, you will realize that the cost of these medication is highly low.


You give our product a try for 14 days…..  The worst possible outcome is you hate it so you ask for a refund. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can get a 100% refund in FULL within 90 days. No questions asked and no hassles. JUST CALL 08060440312

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Sound fair?

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Hypertension Care

What Experts Are Saying About Our Solution

“Reclaim Your Power! Join the Men and Women All Over The Globe Who Have Taken Back The Health of Their Heart!”

“I was amazed at the quality and effectiveness in Herbals For Hypertension.  The Life Titan Research team went all out to provide the most detailed coverage of all things cardiovascular disease related.Since everyone on earth is equally at risk for the #1 killer in the world, you need this product – and so do your loved ones! when you have questions about the health of your heart. I highly recommend Herbals For Hypertension!”


President, Medical Research Associates & Author of the “Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments”

Complete pack Of Herbal For Hypertension

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t get to normalize your Blood Pressure within 7-days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bottles should I order?

While we can’t guarantee individual results… we recommend that you give yourself at least 30 days to experience good results – in which case we suggest you invest in our discounted 3-bottle option. If however, you want to give yourself the very best chance to experience success.

If I have a medical condition, can I take this product?

Herbal For Hypertension is made with the purest, most natural ingredients we can acquire – however, if you take prescription medications or have a medical condition, we recommend that you show a bottle of Herbal For Hypertension to your physician and/or pharmacist for prior approval. You can always return it later with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

How long do I have to use Herbal For Hypertension before I see results?

You may start to see noticeable improvements in your heart health within as little as 3 days and more profound results with prolonged, continued use. Moreover, many users report within just days of beginning with Herbal For Hypertension.

Are there any allergy concerns with this product?

UnLike all of our products, Herbal For Hypertension is made with the purest, most natural ingredients we can acquire, with our ingredients listed on the product label. However, if you have any concerns you should consult your physicians before using or taking any of our products.

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