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How To Protect Your Body System From Recurring Infections, Inflammation Without Months And Months Of Antibiotics!

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She stopped wearing tight underwear. Took multiple rounds of different antibiotics every day for the past 2 years.

Wiped front to back. Maintained strict personal hygiene. Peed after sex. Drank plenty of water.

Just like the doctor ordered.

Sounds familiar? Meet Patricia.

At first, the antibiotics may seem to have done their job in killing the bacteria in her urinary tract.

But something isn’t quite right.

Once she finished her course of antibiotics…

Within days, her UTI came right back.

Reading through her medical report shows that there were several warning signs and symptoms exhibited that are more serious than it seemed.

And the urinary tract infection can be more sinister brewing down under.

If only she knew about the 3 breakthrough patented urinary tract nutrients that have helped over  3,800 Naija Men & women   to heal their urinary tract and bladder, and reduce their risk of recurring UTIs and bladder infection…

Hi, my name is

Lanre Oke,

Certified and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor of

Holistic Health Labs.

And Once I Show You The Breakthrough Research of These 8 Tear Gland Nutrients For Your Eyes...

You’ll see with your own eyes why antibiotics only make the bacteria stronger and more antibiotic-resistant.

You’ll learn why your UTI keeps coming back and how to address the root cause of recurring UTIs.

Yet doesn’t it seem odd?

Why haven’t you heard anything on the news? Newspapers? Even on social media?

Well, Here’s the Truth:

These studies and research have been buried under piles and piles of lies.

Why would they want you to know the big secret…

When they can continue to sell you rounds and rounds of antibiotics for the next 10 years?

So please, for your own good… Read this breakthrough research now.

Because the secrets you’ll learn here will help heal your bladder & urinary tract, and prevent it from turning into something more serious…

If you follow the healthy tips I’m going to share only with you and a select few…

But before I do…

You Need To Understand A Little About The Anatomy Of Your Urinary System

You see, urinary tract infections, is the most common infections, that leads to others…

Most infections begins with the lower urinary tract, which includes the urethra and bladder…thats why youu hear TOILET INFECTION OFTEN

And it’s caused by bacteria that usually travel from the ‘outside’, from feces, the genital area or anus, and make their way into the urethra, which is the little pipe where urine goes through before entering the bladder.

For most cases, the bacteria that causes UTI is Escherichia .coli, or E.coli for short…

But it can also be caused by other strains of bacteria.


What’s so scary about E.coli is that it has tiny protein hooks on their tips, known as FimH, to grapple or stick tightly to the urinary mucosa…

These hooks, together with other binding agents from the bacteria itself, made E.coli very adhesive.

Whenever the FimH is pulled by the force of urine flowing past, the protein responds by gripping tightly to the sugar molecules that coat the surface of human cells.

And this makes it harder for E.coli to be flushed out.

When you stop urinating and the force disappears, the protein releases its grip, and the bacteria carry on moving onwards and upwards, further into your urinary system….

The bacteria start to gather together and form little biofilm-like clusters.

They grab the surrounding proteins and sugars in the bladder walls to build a protective biofilm shelter so that they can multiply in numbers without being killed by your immune system and even antibiotics!

The bacteria biofilm colony gets so large that it emits out bacterial filaments or tiny threads that grow outwards from the surface of the cluster, latch onto surrounding cells, and begin to attack the bladder.

As the biofilm clusters are impermeable and so much larger in size, they are able to colonize the bladder mucosa, taking over the cells in the bladder.

And that’s not all…

Because the outer cell layer of the bladder walls is continually being shed through exfoliation as a self-defending mechanism to wash away the bacteria…

The bacteria blobs burrow down and into the outer cell wall, and surround itself with a protective network of proteins to ensure their survival!

It’s harder to kill them as they are not easily detectable… they can simply lie dormant and stay in stealth mode for several months!

Remember this is all happening inside a human bladder.

At this point in time, because both your bladder and urethra are under a bacterial attack, you will suffer from a burning sensation and pain when you go to the bathroom…

As well as an intense and persistent need to pee, but with only small amounts of urine.

Your urine might be dark or cloudy and it might even contain blood from the wall of the bladder.

And this is what happens when you have lower urinary tract infection. As you can see, the main problem with UTI is the sticky FimH protein hooks of the E. Coli bacteria in your urinary tract which allow them to climb up the walls of your urinary tract…

And once they reproduce and gather in strength to form biofilm clusters, it’s much harder to obliterate them completely with antibiotics.

So even if your doctor prescribes a few weeks of antibiotics to kill the bacteria in the urinary tract, the UTI normally comes back with a vengeance.

And the side effects of antibiotics?

Not only do they destroy both the good and bad bacteria in your gut, it has also created a new crisis — antibiotics resistance.

For a long time, antibiotics seemed to work pretty well for UTI.

But Many Of The Antibiotics That Worked In The Past Don’t Seem to Work Anymore

In a recent study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry in June 2015, Jeffrey P. Henderson​, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology at Washington University in St.Louis, said:

Many physicians can tell you that they see patients who are particularly capable to urinary tract infections. For a long time, we had inexpensive antibiotics that worked really well for this. But over the last 10-15 years, we have seen a huge jump in bacterial infections of UTI that are resistant to many of these drugs.”
Jeffrey P. Henderson, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology

You see, antibiotics can’t kill every single organism in an infection.

It’s No More A News That Antibiotics like Penicillin, Methicillin and Vancomycin, Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin, Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Amoxicillin etc Have Been Proven Weak To Permanently Cure Chronic Staphylococcus, Yeast, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia PID To Mention A Few.

This is Due to ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE ( a condition where Infections Build a powerful gene against antibiotics thereby making those antibiotics ineffective to fight against them)

Scientists Revealed These infections has developed a high level of Resistance to these modern medicine…

Those bacteria that survive or lay in dormant mode develop resistance to the drugs…

And when they start to multiply, they produce bacteria that are similarly resistant to the antibiotics.

Imagine going through dozens of courses of antibiotics…

Not only will your urinary tract get more inflamed…

It is a matter of time before the new generation of emerging superbugs in your body become immune to any known antibiotic therapy.

In 2014, the World Health Organisation (WHO) even released a report on antimicrobial resistance, calling it a global health epidemic.

In the report, most regions had countries where at least half of E. coli infections resisted both classes of drug commonly used to treat UTI, making many UTI, usually regarded as merely a nuisance, effectively untreatable.

Keiji Fukuda, head of health security at the WHO, even said,

Unless we take significant actions to improve efforts to prevent infections and also change how we produce, prescribe and use antibiotics.... the implications will be devastating.”
Dr. Keiji Fukuda
Head of Health Security of the World Health Organization
This means that most antibiotics could become largely useless in the future.

But is there a better way to treat Infections without antibiotics?

Since the FimH Protein Hooks is What Makes and Keeps Bad Bacteria Thriving in Your Urinary Tract, then the Solution is Obvious:

To heal your UTI and keep them away for good, you need to disarm these hooks of the bad bacteria in your urinary tract.

Such that you can stop the bacteria from grappling onto the urinary tract and flush them out of your urinary tract.

If the bacteria loses their grip onto the urinary tract lining, they will be eliminated simply by the flow of urine, long before they can set up an infection.

Fortunately, scientists have discovered that there are 3 naturally specialized nutrients that can loosen the FimH hooks and flush the bacteria out of the urinary system.

100% Natural & Effective Way to Fight Staph Infection, STDs, UTI OR Any Infection at all.

Instead of erasing all the good and bad bacteria using antibiotics, getting regular intakes of these nutrients is a much better way to exploit the weakness of the E Coli. bacteria.


Solution Nutrient #1: ECHINACEA:

Echinacea is a popular herbal remedy Majorly Found in North America (also in Nigeria Now) that is commonly used to support the immune system and   help the body fight off infections… the species of the Echinacea plant, primarily Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea angustifolia…   has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, its efficacy in treating infections is superb.

Glycoproteins- is the compounds in it that have immunomodulatory effects and interact with the immune
system to enhance its response to infections.

You need to combine Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea angustifolia with the following in other to be effective

Solution Nutrient #2: ASTRAGALUS:

Which is very Popular in traditional Chinese medicine, it has significant immune-enhancing and antiviral qualities which makes it one of the most powerful herb in the world against viruses.

Test-tube and animal studies show that astragalus combats herpes viruses, hepatitis A,B & C and several test shows that it protects human astrocyte cells, the most abundant type of cell in the central nervous system

Super Nutrient #3: PreforPro®

PreforPro® is a revolutionary new prebiotic that starts working to support gut health in hours, not weeks, like the probiotics formulas of yesterday. PreforPro® uses a patent-pending, non-fiber delivery system that has been shown to be effective in as little as 15 milligrams, not grams.

One of the major advantages of using PreforPro® is its ability to help good bacteria flourish in such a competitive environment by working hand in hand with the two herbs mentioned above.

That’s not all…

PreforPro® has been shown to exponentially increase the population of the DE111™ probiotic, from 5 billion CFU to 55 billion CFU after just 5 hours!

That’s 11 times more good bacteria to force out the E.coli bacteria from your urinary tract.

But I Must Warn You

That you must combine them in their Natural form, the reason must so called inferior herbal products out there do  not work is because they have lost must of their Nutrients to OVER PROCCESS.

Another secret is the dosage combination. They must be appropriately combine in different ratio to bring out effectiveness.

Do Not Worry

There is a company I know that  Set Out To Create Such A Formula That Meets All These Requirements And More

Their mission is to develop the most effective solution to provide the necessary nutrients to fend off the E.coli bacteria that’s causing the recurrent Infections.

One that would quickly and effectively supply the 3 patented ingredients mentioned above.

They Called it Taikem Flusher

To protect your bladder, your urinary tract, your urethra and your kidneys from the bacteria infections.

They Are Even Running Promo Today

I have recommended it for lots of people and the review was all positive. Now, keep in mind, these are people who have experienced great results after taking Taikem Flusher, and they have taken many different antibiotics and drugs without getting better, so they know what’s out there.

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