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Are you interested in learning practical lifestyle changes that can help remove quick ejaculation from your life with Just healthy diet and exercise routine?

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of your Erectile Wahala and how to address them through natural methods?

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I discovered this 3years ago when my Husband experienced this horrible sickness

A few years into my marriage, my husband sexual performance started to go down.

At first, I thought it was due to Lagos stress and work.

So what in the heck happened to my man? 
How did he go from being a superstar in the bedroom, to a total failure? 
Was it because he was getting old in age? 

was  something actually wrong with him?

But I was wrong.

He used to cum during romantic moments or just two minutes of sex.

It was an embarrassing experience for him.

I hardly ever wanted sex with my hubby as a result of this.

He felt he had to do something because I knew he was dying within him, but he was too embarrassed to seek for assistance.

Not until after yet another awful moment of sex, then I turned to face him and said,

“Are you tempting me to cheat on you?”

Those words sent shivers down my spine.

Even though I was angry, he could see the honesty of pain in my eyes.

And right there on spot, He made a vow to me that he was going to find a cure to his problem

Then Our Journey Started

The following morning, He started to research various cures for premature ejaculation.

He read every articles He could lay His hands on.

Various types of solutions suggested but none of them were able to give me what I want.

For Example...

He tried herbs. Some worked while many didn’t.

But knowing fully well that if he keep on using herbs including those liquids in small bottles repeatedly for  long, his kidneys may start developing problems.

So he stopped herbs and started using drugs like tramadol, Viagra and the likes.

Again this worked temporarily but Viagra made him to have pounding headache

And when I read that its continued usage can cause  visual loss, I had to stop him.

do not

 There were just so many other dangerous, life-threatening side effects associated with these drugs, that using them scared the living daylights out of me…Such as 

It was a very frustrating experience.

Sex was no longer fun for me.

My Oga started avoiding it because he always fear he won’t last long.

Not being able to satisfy me sexually without depending on one thing or the other made him depressed.

His body was already a dumping site for all manners of drugs & herbs…and this made him feel incomplete as a man .

At a point, I concluded there was no way out for him.

It was a joyful End Of The Year Holiday and the beginning of my breakthrough for me

 We traveled to his home town for Xmass and New Year celebration where we were invited by his Uncle  (74 year old man)  for naming ceremony.

Uncle...You need to tell me the secrets of knacking woman at this your old hubby asked

Due to how close we were, my hubby couldn’t hide his problems so he told him all he was facing

And you see, Uncle didn’t disappoint me.

Back then in the Village, Uncle was the talk of the town and men were jealous of him because he had a lot of women dying for him.

In fact, there were rumors of women paying Uncle money just to have sex with him.

Uncle was that good in bed.

So he started by letting us know that the reason why  men achieve orgasm before women do is because we’re biologically designed to climax before them.

So if you always cum before your woman does,


 Not Alone!

But when a man doesn’t have control over his ejaculation, that’s when the problem starts.

And the first step to coming out of this problem is to determine the primary source of this problem.

That’s why all the methods I’ve been trying couldn’t give a lasting solution.

So he proceeded to lecture me on something he called “The 4 cardinals of premature ejaculation”

And right on spot, my hubby was able to determine the root cause of his problem.

This is mostly caused  by

  1. Health issues like- High Blood Pressure, infection or Old age
  2. Too much excess fat
  3. Masturbation and porn addiction
  4. Other bad habits

Uncle confessed to him that what makes him last long in bed and able to father a child even at his old age are the kind of things he eats…and simple exercises.

He said nature has blessed us with certain kinds of fruits and vegetables that contains aphrodisiac properties which are able to make us sex machines.

Then Came The Solution

common foods and supplements you can buy at your local grocery store… That have been scientifically tested in study after study, to relax blood vessels in your body, while increasing your blood flow to the pennis. 

The only issue however is that many men don’t know of these fruits nor do they know how to properly combine them.

For example, a particular ingredient that delay ejaculation  is what Uncle refers to as the serotonin balancer.

And according to research, serotonin is the master chemical in your brain that controls how long you last before you finally climax.

That’s why the information on this page could literally save your life.

Because — in just a moment — I’m going to introduce you to a discovery I found in my research that has been proven by multiple clinical studies performed by elite institutions.

 Published in highly respected medical journals, including one of Europe’s leading research publications – the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this could very well be

The Single Most Important Discovery EVER Made for Erectile Health!

This natural solution can…

Best of all, you don’t need a prescription — or years of trial-and-error with unproven herbs you don’t know whether they’re working or not.

 This is proven to be both effective and side-effect free. In the future, this is how more people will treat weak erection and premature ejaculation naturally.

 You don’t have to wait! You can start today!.

Would you believe that one of  the secrets Uncle gave us has been sitting around your community all along?

“Cure Erectile Dysfunctions — With Banana?”

 Researchers conducted a systematic review study of clinical trials using Banana between 2000 and 2012. This includes studies published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and many more journals.

They then analyzed the results of the studies and determined that…

Short-term use of Banana combined with PLANTS that I am about to share with you to participants.

There were reductions in total cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Bananas are fortified with numerous crucial vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients (all in one fruit!) that help counter many men’s health problems. 

The bromelain in bananas has proved to be an excellent source for increasing testosterone. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C helps in the proper functioning of the brain and nerves which regulate hormone production.  

Not Only Helps You Have Erection, Also Save Your Heart.

If you remember, I said my husband’s energy was pretty much non-existent after getting on Sex medication and cause a massive crash in desire for sex.

 That’s why I was so excited to learn about this added benefit of Banana.

Because, Bananas are also rich in potassium which maintains the level of sodium content in the blood which is again important in this aspect. All of these and more, thus, make bananas an excellent natural option to spike testosterone production.

To understand why that is so important, it’s imperative you understand the connection between Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction.

As it turns out, high Testosterone levels create Hard Rock Erection in men.

Now, a moment ago, I told you that Banana alone could improve Erection by as much as 5 points. But to gets the desired result….It must be combine with….

There are herbal minerals to "MIX" with Banana – and make it many times more effective.

And those herbs must contain minerals and  Citrulline. Banana combined with
 citrulline herbs:-(Such as Water Melon) can lead to overall Improvement up to 25 points!

 That’s an improvement higher than many Sex enhancement medication can achieve — without side effects!

You know that  Citrulline multiplies the healing benefits of Banana  by over 5 times, beating even the most potent prescription drugs.

Now, before you go running to Buy Banana and Water melon like my husband  did… Let me share a big secret – this
is a pro tip you’ll need to make this discovery work for you.

Just One Form of Banana Has Been Proven in Clinical Setting

Of all of the varieties out there, only “Cavendish banana” has been shown to have a true therapeutic effect.

It is more rare than other varieties and has been shown in studies to have numerous health benefits – including greatly improving sexual stamina when used properly along other ones I will show you.

I had to search far and wide for this exact type of Banana, and learn exactly how it should be processed, before he started to see results…
But once I did – boy, did I see a change.

Astonishing Results in a Matter of 7-Days

In under 7 days, my Husband and I now enjoy its natural energy to keep his performance at its peak! – his doctor couldn’t believe it.
And neither could I.
He had gone from being completely exhausted, no-energy bundle of misery – to a spry, energetic man who could be active much of the day.

I’m sure my activity helped his Preek To Stand Well Well, but he never could have been so active if he stayed on drugs and not discovered the newest breakthrough in natural blood pressure control.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this solution with you.
Because you now know about “Cavendish banana”, what it can do, and you know the only kind of Banana that can lower increase your Testosterones level.

The Little-Known  Seed called Citrullus lanatus – Melon seeds  with Vitamin, That Sends This Combination Over the Top.

 Such an ingredient exists… and it’s vitamin B6 in Melon seed

  Vitamin B6 in Melon Seed has 100’s of proven therapeutic benefits —including circulating blood to the penis.

 But in this case, what matters is that vitamin B6  increases the absorption rate of Magnesium in banana, which in turn improves the therapeutic effect of Banana  and Melon seed.

Leading to the strongest, yet safest, possible way to attack and eliminate your Weak Erection at 60% — without harm or side effects.

Please Note That The Above Mentioned Herbs Are Just 3 out 7 Herbs/Fruits that you need for total cure of Erectile Wahala

And while you might be able to go out and buy each of these  items at your local market/store ( you probably won’t find this in your local store — and even if you did — You’d probably get the wrong form of Turmeric, Chia…And the remaining 4 Herbs I will reveal in my offer called ADVANCED BP CRUSHER I will show you soon.

And worst of all, you wouldn’t know the right ratios of these ingredients in order to trigger the proper reduction in your blood pressure.

As a pharmacist, I know that it’s not just about taking drugs or supplements.

The REAL SECRET Is the Right Combination, Source, and Even the Timing.

Don’t worry, I have a Lasting  Solution For You.

Living with Erectile Dysfunction can be a painful and frustrating experience.

The constant worry and fear of health complications (severe headache and anxiety, chest pain, Difficulty in breathing, pounding in your chest or neck area, Fatigue or confusion, Blood in your urine, excess loss of strength, blurry eyes sights and shorter memories, decrease sexual appetite and ability to not last long and more). can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being.

As a solution provider, I understand the pain and discomfort that comes with this condition, and I want to help.


My name is  Oluwayemisi Rahman popularly known as Lady Yemi.

I have trained over 3 thousand Men on how to Last longer in bed. I am the creator of MABIDO SEX DIET GUIDE which has helped hundreds of PEOPLE struggling with WEAK ERECTION to achieve and sustain healthy HARD-ROCK ERECTION without side effects and taking them off medications.

So if you are tired of all the discomforts and complications that you are battling with now and you are not prepared to live on Sex Enhancement drugs for the rest of your life. 

Then I have an amazing natural secret that can help you to escape Rise and fall, quick ejaculation…

Through extensive research and testing, I have developed a natural solution that can help you to Increase Testosterones levels and improve your overall health. I know that other medications out there can come with unwanted side effects and risks, and that’s why I believe in taking a natural approach.

My unique combination of ingredients, including  Banana, Melon Seed with vitamin B6 fruits, and others have been shown to be safe and effective in increasing blood flow to penis, hence making you last longer in bed.

By taking this natural approach, you can feel confident that you’re taking care of your body in the best possible way

With The Self Help Methods in it, You Will …

What People Are Saying About Solution …

I waited awhile before writing this message to be sure the (results) I received from using guidiance in 'Mabido Sex Diet Guide" was lasting and it is! Yours is the first that worked! I liked the recipies-they are easy to get.. My dick is now under my control- I only release when I want...I can't thank you enough.
Lasting Results!
Good morning Yemi I want to let you know that for the last 4months that I had purchased Mabido Sex Diet for my hubby, he has been even be happier in the house. He is now very very good in fucking me better, thank God I choose your option instead of cheating on him.
Almost Cheated on him
"Having struggled with premature ejaculation, I was amazed by the depth of information in the Mabido Sex Diet eBook. It's not just a quick fix; it's a well-researched, expertly crafted guide that tackles the issue from multiple angles. The personalized approach allowed me to tailor the solutions to my needs, making it a truly effective resource for men with various forms of erectile dysfunction."
I feel young again


Here's What You Will Get Inside....

Here Are 3 Simple Why This Mabido Sex Diet Guide
Program Is Effective!

The #1 – It Targets The Root Cause Of The Weak Erection
In Your Body; It stops the progression of the disease
and reverses it. This is different from the common

The #2 – It Focuses On Healing Your Body From Inside Out:
No other method ever does this. The result is your own
healed body relearns to control your ejaculation by
itself such that you will no longer needs drugs anymore.

The #3 – It Is Specific To You:
You are the one with the problem, you know your body better
than anyone else. You get to apply the strategy on yourself
based on your exact needs and you heal yourself-Just follow
ALL the instructionns given.


Let me explain how this works to you

The MABIDO SEX GUIDE is a specific kind of Exercise and fruit mixture that works by acting on Testosterone hormones that is in charge of ejaculation in your body.

When this hormone is not balanced, your performance becomes weak.

What the Mabido sex Guide does is help you balance them.

And once you know how to prepare them in the right proportion (which you’ll discover in this book)

And you start taking them for just a few days…

The instant results will marvel you…

With each thrust… 


She moans louder, urges you on, and pleads for more… 

Pulling you closer, curling her toes, wrapping her legs around your waist…

Raising her waist to meet you halfway…calling your name ever so sweetly…

“Please don’t stop, f*ck me, I am all yours,” she says…

She grabs your ass, you keep thrusting, it has never felt this good, and suddenly…

…You realize you’re lasting longer than usual in the first round

10 minutes…. 15 minutes…

You’re still thrusting…she’s still moaning and you don’t feel like releasing yet…

Each thrust is harder and more pleasurable than the last…

You’ve never felt more in control.

You’ve got your pride back.

Now, at last, you can confidently have sex without having to depend on anything.

And Guess what? Very Easy To Implement

The amazing thing about this diet is that you can easily get the ingredients for the diet around you.


All You Need To Access This Program Is Your Phone.

The Guide is  Well Written in Downloadable PDF

No long talk, download in the Next 3-Minutes
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If you do not buy this Mabido Sex Guide Now, then you will have to spend about 13years I have spent to discover natural system to HAVE FULL HARD ERECTION.

You will have to face all trials, the failures, Lost of money, sleepless nights and many complications of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.

That is an experience you will hate, I assured You!

My Husband,  managed to survived Erectile Dysfunction because he was lucky.

Will You Be Lucky As He Was?

Maybe you can try and find out for yourself, Right?

You can close this page and continue with your routine as usual, and your sex life will remain the same…

No sex at all, or more disappointment and frustration. And please remember, this is a problem that only gets worse if left untreated.

When it comes to the health of your penis it’s “use it or lose it…”

Because if you have any form of ED, the muscle fibers and capillaries in your penis are deteriorating from inactivity.

Do you really want to keep delaying until your penis has no hope of ever being functional again?

But why would you go through all that pain to find out, when you can just buy experience very cheap today.

I have made all the mistakes, gone through the failures and discovered what works and doesn’t work.

And Listen ...Think About It

What I am asking you is less than the amount of money you will spend on a plate of food for a babe you can not knack well, Recharge cards and other stuff that takes away money from you without improving your health.

Instead of those, get this Advance HBP Crusher and it will change your will give you far overall good health.

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See for yourself how much more enjoyable life will be for you.

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Now you have all the information. You know this is for you.

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It’s Time to Kick Away Quick-Ejaculation out of Your Life

You can walk away from this and continue to spend money every month on drugs that will eventually fail just like they do.

We know you are afraid – You are probably thinking

Will This Work For You?


And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.

There are plenty of  Sex enhancement gimmicks out there, and most of them flat out don’t work.

With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so I challenge you to do what my hubby did: try it for yourself! Conduct your own study and see the incredible results for yourself.

You Won’t believe your new Sexual Performance!

Erectile Dysfunction may be the silent killer, but you don’t have to play “Quick Ejaculation roulette” with your life. Not anymore.

Armed with the information in this article, along with the ability to try out MABIDO SEX DIET GUIDE risk-free, you too can make QUICK EJACULATION  a thing of the past.

But hurry, this Discount offer won’t last forever.

And we know it will because it has worked for other people.

“My wife and I had a good sex life earlier in our marriage, but the last 6 years or so, I’d be lucky to get laid once every two months. There was always an excuse…but deep down I knew I just wasn’t satisfying her any longer…But that all changed once I started following what you recommended in the ‘Mabido Guide’ and following your system. We’re doing it nearly every day now – and it’s the hottest, kinkiest sex we’ve ever had! Thanks for sharing this with me brother – I owe you!”

There is no risk involved. No side effects. IT IS A PURE LIFESYLE CHANGES.

It brings joy to our faces too when we receive testimonies from people who have used this natural therapy to become healthy again when they have lost all hope.

We want to receive your own testimony as well very soon.

But I must warn you...

 If You Don’t Fix The Root Cause, It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Full-Blown ED Sets In…Leaving You In A Permanent And irreversible State Of Penile Tissue Decay…

Or As Urologists Call It, “Sexual Death.”

You will get worse if you don’t take action today. Your Penis will continue to fall and no amount of medication will save you.
Your health will spiral out of control and you’ll be an impotent man and your family may scatters- because your wife will cheat on your with somebody lower than your level. 

You want to visit Doctor complaining, and the myriad of expensive pills with side effects.

You will be dependent on temporary fixes into your body everytime you want to have sex…you won’t be able to enjoy the fun Sex has to offer…you’ll constantly feel terrible about yourself because you’re using drugs which can lead to many other complications and have little hope of a better future.

You will be so unhappy and crabby that no woman will want to have sex with you and you’ll spend the bulk of your days all by yourself. Alone…to sulk in your own misery…constantly worrying about when your time on this planet will be up.

Is that what you want?

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You can try to track down the ingredients, and mix them in a tea or a smoothie…but it will be a lot of “trial and error,” because you won’t have the full list…

And you won’t have the other shortcuts inside the system that fix the “mental side” of your problem and show you how to use the system to full effect.

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As you can already see, this program is head and shoulders above just foods and exercises.

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It is time to make the SHIFT from yo-yo dieting and exercising to Erectile Dysfunction Reversal as the Program helps you.

So if you already ‘watch what you eat’, yet your Preek is still not standing well, this is evidence that even though you believe you’ve been “eating healthy”, you have NOT been eating to REVERSE Erectile Dysfunction.

This program comes with a pre-built Meal Plan to help you switch to using your food for Boosting Testosterones , while the Lessons teach you a lot more beyond ‘just food’.

Would you rather keep “watching what you eat” even though it has been failing you?

First, congrats on continuing to SEARCH for a solution to your problems UNTIL you get your RESULTS.

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Otherwise all your personal data is secret and safe with us.


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