‘’How To Move from a 2 Seconds Man & Zero Control to Finally Being Able to Hold Off Ejaculation Till You Have Fully  SATISFY HER Then You Have Come to The Right Place

Tired of Product That Promise HAVEN & Earth that Never Work? Then You Have Come to The Right Place

The Secret You’ll Find On This Website Has The Power To Completely Reverse Even The Most Severe Premature Ejaculation So You Can Go 30 To 60 Minutes At A Time…

…3, 4 Or Even 5 Rounds A Night. 

Dear friend;

Before you assume that what I’m about to share involves spending hours exercising your PC muscles or Pelvic Floor muscles…or whatever nonsense all those other websites have asked you to do. 


                   Think again.


Because this is completely different from anything you’ve ever seen or heard…


It allows any guy to tap into a natural reflex right inside of your own brain to turn their erection up and down almost like turning a light switch on and off…

And completely ruin her for any other man she’s ever been with… or ever could be with. And the only man she would ever want would be you….all by using JUST ONE SECRET! 


And today, right here on this page you’re going to discover this secret for yourself.


By the time you’re finished reading this, you’re going to have the power to control exactly how long you last every single time you have sex…


You’ll have such precision control over both your pleasure and hers that whether you want to last 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or even well over an hour…

You’ll have the power to do it…


Every time…


On command


And the best part is… you’ll be able to accomplish all of this…

Without ever needing pills, pumps, delay creams or special numbing condoms…

Or relying on so-called “natural-tricks’’ like kegel that doesn’t work anyway. 


I’ll share this technique with you and the crazy story about how I discovered it in just a minute…


But before I do that…


Let me ask you a few questions:

….are you tired & embarrassed at having NO CONTROL over when you ejaculate?


In a few minutes i will give you direct access to ONE SOLUTION that will stop you from ever ejaculating fast.

However, before I go on and hand you this solution - let me first tell you a little about myself, it is only fair that you know who i am and why i am qualified to help you

My name is John, an Internationally Sought After Sex Coach


I’ve personally helped over 3,405 men get raging-hard erections, have wild, wall-quaking sex for hours, and give women body-seizing orgasms night after hot, sweaty night…

I have been featured on popular newspapers like punch, sun and have ran numerous promotions on Facebook and Instagram (you may have seen some of those ads)

In fact, just a few years ago I was the LAST GUY you would have thought would have made a website like this.

I was so bad at sex that my wife (Lady Yemi) actually laughed in my face on our second anniversary night…


And in fact, I had this problem so bad that I can even guess what you are going through now because I bet they are so similar to what I felt

There is a Big Problem You are Likely Facing now. Actually 3 BIG PROBLEMS

Problem #1: You Now Give Too Many Excuses:

You have come up with a lot of different excuses you tell a woman when you ejaculate quick:

 ‘’i was stressed….baby, you were too tight….the second round will be better…i can’t come and kill myself….it is normal’’

Then because they don’t want to hurt your ego they tell you: ‘’It doesn’t matter….i understand’’

Problem #2: You Sometimes Avoid Sex For Fear of Embarrassment

You have now gotten so worried about your condition that before sex you OVERTHINK the whole thing; ‘’What if i fumble?’’ you ask yourself. 

And then you freak out, and give excuses to avoid having sex so it does not happen and embarrass you. 

What’s the point? You ask yourself; You’ll only disappoint her in the bedroom.

Problem #3: Most of the Solutions You Have seen Online Didn’t Work For You.

From the free one to the ones you paid for. They tell you to mix ginger and onions in water – you try it and NOTHING happens. You still ejaculate fast. 

You buy creams that numb your sensation down there, but what they don’t tell you is that it is destroying your nerves and in the long run you may not be able to get an erection again. 

Then there some overhyped products online that you buy but they OUTRIGHTLY don’t work!


I know because I bought a lot of trash myself before I finally stumbled on ONE SOLUTION that changed EVERYTHING for me

If Any of The Above Problems Sound Familiar, It Means You fall Under One of Two Categories

Category #1; 

You Have premature ejaculation, you know you have it But most solutions you have either browsed online or bought and used in the past did not work & right now you want a SURE FIX.

Category #2; 

You have premature ejaculation, but you have not tried any solution yet & don’t even know what to do to stop it.  

Whichever One it is, I Had The Most Humiliating Sexual Experience Of My Life...

Like most couples past the ‘’Honeymoon phase’’ of the relationship…


The passion between my wife and I had started to fade.


Slowly at first… then faster and faster until we were barely getting it on at all…


I thought at the time it was the normal stuff – work, stress, and hectic schedules… the kind of excuses that everyone uses to justify their less-than-satisfying sex life.


But little did I know it was actually my own performance that was to blame.


It’s a bit embarrassing for me to admit this now but I was never exactly a “marathon man” in the bedroom.


It was easy for me to get overly aroused and let any kind of friction from straight sex to oral set me off and make me come in less than a minute.


For a while I was able to recover and come back for a second round but after a while that started to become a problem for me too.


Now, the worst part of giving a woman a bad performance in bed…


Is that she will almost NEVER tell you.


Women are instinctively programmed to avoid confrontation about this sort of thing.


The last thing a woman wants to do is awkwardly tell you how bad you are in bed and then deal with your wounded ego afterwards…


So the pattern continued and pretty soon…


It went from my wife “feeling tired” or “having a headache” most nights of the week…


To the point where we were only doing the deed on special occasions…


Which brings me to the night of our 2nd wedding anniversary.


After a romantic dinner for two at a Lekki restaurant downtown and a few glasses of wine we were both in the mood.

Back in our bedroom, my wife and I started making out as the passion began to heat up…

Just then she stopped me to sneak into the bathroom and “slip into something more comfortable.”

As she fiddled around in the bathroom I downed another glass wine and geared up for a night of hot loving.

Just as I was finishing the last gulp of wine I saw her…

Walk out of the doorway of our bedroom in a black short night gown that left very little to the imagination.

Her hip pushed out, drawing attention to her sweet curves and seductive hips…


I Couldn’t Help But Start to Get Really Excited

She crawled into bed and we started to kiss each other passionately as I tore off her night-gown.


I got so excited, But after less than a minute of action… it was all over… despite my best efforts to slow down and keep things going… I just couldn’t hold my ejaculation back.


I felt myself reaching that point of no return as my body wanted to release the pressure that had been building up…


So I started to think about my favorite football team and even made a move to change positions to something I read on the internet that would make me feel less sensation.


But I think we both know, those things never work.


And after about 2 minutes…


I just couldn’t help myself…


I sputtered out a quick orgasm and rolled over.


And that’s when it happened.


I actually heard my wife laugh.


It wasn’t a howling kind of laughter, but it was audible… the sort of thing that seemed to come out of her accidentally.


“What’s so funny?” I said.


“Nothing…” she said back.


She rolled over and poured herself a glass of wine that was still on ice on the nightstand and started drinking it so she could avoid having to say more about it…


And I felt a red wave of embarrassment rush up my body and into my face…


I just left the conversation alone because I was too embarrassed and proud to confront her about it.


But I knew that her laughter had something to do with my “two-thrust” effort.


And after that night…

Our Sex-Life Went From ‘’Few’’ To Non-Existent…


Not only did we barely touch each other…

We barely spoke.

I started to realize that what happened on our anniversary night was a build-up of some feelings my wife had been hiding for some time.

And as bad as that was… things were about to get even worse.

Just a few short months after the embarrassing “anniversary night” disaster…

A slow day at the office brought me home about an hour early.

My wife was out on the balcony and left her smartphone on the kitchen table…

As I poured myself a glass of beer I heard her phone buzzing over and over again.

My wife had given me the PIN to her phone just in case there was ever an emergency…

I know I shouldn’t have been spying… but her withdrawn behavior started to make me suspicious.

When I got into her phone I noticed that her text app was BLOWING UP!

Her sister and her had a long thread going on… sending messages back and forth to each other.

What I read made me feel like I got kicked so hard in the groin my testicles were forced up into my throat. She was talking to her sister about my embarrassing stamina problems in the bedroom…

How this was affecting our sex life and our marriage.

And how she felt totally neglected and abandoned because of it…

I honestly was shocked.


I Had No Idea That Sex Was Just As Important To Women As It Is To Us Guys…

But the worst part was what my wife had said last:


“I even talked to a lawyer last week… just to review how things would go if I decide to separate…


I want a divorce. I don’t want to go this route, I still care about John but a girl has needs and I still have lots of good years left in me…”


I put the phone down in shock…


My stomach turned as I slumped onto the living room sofa.


I had already started to suspect that my performance in the bedroom wasn’t leaving my wife satisfied… but I had no idea just how bad it had gotten.


That night I tossed and turned… barely sleeping a wink.


A million scenarios passed through my mind and I couldn’t help but return over and over to one single thought…

What Good is A Man Who Can’t Even Please The Woman He Loves?

So I have been There…and I have felt the pain….

This was the state i was in when i met Kenny, a medical doctor in one of the bars that i started to visit frequent after that incident 

While we were drinking, I broke down and shared my problem with him. And that was when he shared information that CHANGED my life – forever!


He told me that:

Yes, there is a ‘’NO-SIDE effect’’ way to naturally gain more control Over ejaculation, only finishing when you have completely satisfied your woman (Because how long you last now is not long enough)

Yes, this ONE SOLUTION can work fast…and easily….in just a few days to turn you into a absolutely ’’Long lasting man’’ any woman would always fall over and beg for sex (Because a woman loves a man who can satisfy her).

Yes, I used it myself, He said; And it works, plus I have also shared it with more than 100 other men too just like you and it is working for them.


‘’You, See - It is NOT Your Fault That You Cum Quick’’ In Fact, It is Because NATURE have Been Unfair to You & Has Cheated Your Body to Act that way

Let me explain 

A Scientist named Dr. Elizabeth Boskey, PH.D. Recently discovered that men that have premature ejaculations usually lack a neurotransmitter called ‘’Serotonin’’ in their brains.


It is like a switch that helps you control when you decide to ejaculate.


 People that don’t have it, or people that have it in low amounts usually find it hard to control their ejaculation. 


This is why NO MATTER how hard you try, no matter what you buy and use – you still don’t seem to control and hold back your ejaculation….while there are OTHER men who can. 


Serotonin is the master chemical in your brain that controls how long you last before you finally climax.


If you can fix the level of Serotonin in you – you will be able to HOLD back ejaculation at will and only cum after your woman has been satisfied.

If You Can Increase Your Serotonin Level, You Will Last Longer….Stay rock Hard and Satisfy Your Woman MORE than Any Other Man Ever Will

Introducing NURISHER

The First Nigerian Serotonin Level Boosting Solution for Premature Ejaculation.

He gave me this bottle, and then asked me to use it for one week then try to have sex with my wife again. 

So i used it….i did not even use it up to a week, i used it just for three days. And then came the night that changed everything for me…


My wife was looking real cute in a pair of jean shorts and a white top and some kind of unnatural hunger sprung up inside of me.


I was feeling really powerful and confident because of Mabido and the fact that Kenny, a doctor, told me it would work – so getting my wife in the mood was way easier than normal…


And after making out for a few minutes we didn’t even make it to the bedroom… I took her right then and there on the living room sofa.


As soon as she was naked and underneath me I started noticing the familiar feeling of “over arousal” that I had before…that urge to come…


But I just tried to hold back, something that NEVER worked before, and felt myself instantly holding back the arousal…


The sex wasn’t less pleasurable… I was just more easily able to control how excited I got…


So I could turn down my arousal to a slightly less intense level and keep enjoying myself without going too far.


The best feeling was when I felt my wife FREEZE beneath me as a thunderous orgasm rocked her body…


She looked back at me with glazed eyes and said something I had never heard her say after we were done making love.

“Thank you.”

And the days after that became really really wild. 

I was giving my wife such intense orgasms that she couldn’t contain herself.

One night, I heard a knock and saw our upstairs neighbour standing at the door…

He had heard my wife’s orgasmic screams and thought someone was in trouble.

I still remember the look on his face when my wife came to the door in her Nightgown, her hair wildly scattered about…

Telling him she was fine and…Then dragging me back to the bedroom so I could finish what I started.

All Thanks to NURISHER,

The First Nigerian Serotonin Level Boosting Solution for Premature Ejaculation.

Zero Side Effects ~ 100% Natural ~ Works Fast

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Now You Can Finally Be In Control, Transform into a Real Man in The Bedroom & Make her Completely Addicted to Just You

Important: This is not another pill and it’s not an exercise from a doctor who has never experienced the terrible problem of Premature Ejaculation. This is an all-natural based approach to defeating P.E. once and for all used by someone who has gone through the same pain as you do now.

It works so well that I can now cum on demand. It doesn’t make any difference if my wife needs ten minutes or thirty. I can go as long as I need and feel like a rock star.

Instead of seeing disappointment in her eyes when I finished too fast, she started telling her friends all about our amazing sex life!

It worked so well, I started helping other men, just like you, to overcome P.E. And it has had a 100% success rate!

Grab NURISHER….Immediately If You Can Increase Your Serotonin Level, You Will Last Longer….Stay rock Hard and Satisfy Your Woman MORE than Any Other Man Ever Will ...

Save Time and Money

The First Nigerian Serotonin Level Boosting Solution for Premature Ejaculation.


Here is What You Get Today

The problem with most Premature solutions that don’t work is they don’t target the root cause of the problem.

This is why they fail.

And the TWO major root causes includes: low serotonin & insufficient blood flow to the manhood

NURISHER  goes to the very root cause, increasing your serotonin level and sending more surges of blood to your manhood, so you can get a rock solid erection and last as long as you want….at will.  

You also Get Hot High-Value Bonuses


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Just like you, women love sex too – and no woman likes to stay with a man who can’t satisfy her. 

Which is why to avoid letting infection ruin your sex life, I will also give you, for FREE; a super effective solution  called D3 ORGANIC you can use to flush off whatever infections you have hiding inside you…when you buy NURISHER today.    


But That's Not All....., You Will Also Get Our Men Herbal Cleanser for Men ''Jalin'' for FREE!

The ingredients used to create THESE PRODUCT are 100% natural and it does not contain any side effects whatsoever.

Jalin will detoxify your body system of all harmful toxins

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We Understand That High Blood Pressure Can Cause P.E

Just for buying NURISHER, We will go overboard to shower you WITH this extra bonuses FREE digital copy of my report that is titled : MASSIVE IMPACT  .  

This special report explains four (4) Positions any man can use to FEEL Bigger Inside Of a Woman….No matter What Your Size is.

Because We Understand That High Blood Pressure Can cause this issue, you will also get access to Digital copy of our eBook titled ADVANCED BP CRUSHER Which contains home remedies and lifestyle to eliminate Hypertension.


Here is Everything You’ll Get Today at a Glance

ALL FOR JUST ₦25,000

  • Think About it: Is 20,000 Naira Really TOO Much to Spend To Finally Get Your Woman to Start Looking at You With Deep Respect & Admiration After Sex?

    The truth is you can either go back to having zero control over when you ejaculate & hope your woman doesn’t get fed up….or even worse – secretly resent you. 

    Or you can SOLVE this problem FOREVER with NURISHER PACK for less the price of   bag  of small rice. 

    Yes, 25, 000 Naira can’t even buy A bag  of rice, and bags of rice finish but control over premature ejaculation lasts forever. 

    You can either get this or not. The choice is entirely your own. 

    If you don’t get this today, you may spend the rest of your life: 

      • Always apologizing to your woman when you finish too early
      • Continuing feeling ashamed that you can’t satisfy your own woman
      • Feeling guilt when you really want to do but the thing NO gree Stand
      • Wondering if she is craving another man…or worse….cheating.
      •  Wise up man…

No matter how decent a woman is, no matter if she says she doesn’t like sex – the truth is WOMAN love sex as much as men and when she comes across a man who can satisfy her she gets COMPLETELY addicted. 


Won’t it be nice if that man is YOU?  


If premature ejaculation has been affecting your life, you will have realized by now just how much solving it is going to improve your life.


So do this one thing for me… just for a moment


Rather than thinking about how much this product is going to cost


…imagine how much it is going to improve your life


Imagine your relationships without all this embarrassment, fear and humiliation.


No longer worrying about doing odd things and making a fool of yourself during sex, and really start to enjoy it and look forwards to it just like any normal guy does.


Well you don’t have to imagine all this, because that’s exactly how your life will be in just a few short weeks from now…


There’ll be no more worrying about your woman wishing you are better behind your back. 


And if you’re like most men, you’d do anything to avoid all this, right?

I mean when premature ejaculation was causing big problems in my life, I would have paid just about anything for a solution even half as good as this…


I’m not kidding… I mean this issue eats away at your life.


Back then, if I could have got my hands on a guaranteed premature ejaculation cure like this, for even 60,000 naira, I’d have given it a go on the spot.


I mean, just seeing a doctor a few times will cost you more than that.. and you’re still left with no real solution.


You see why getting this is a great decision?


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His premature ejaculation problem was really starting to frustrate me..."

Hi. I got your product for my boyfriend. As much as I love him, his premature ejaculation problem was really starting to frustrate me. Your product helped him improve so well, i am shocked. He has really improved since using your product and we are both much happier. Thanks so much, you have truly helped our relationship.

I knew I had to face up to my problem and do something about it

Hi there. Thanks!! I’m emailing you about your product Nurisher pack. This had been an ongoing problem for me for years and had caused the breakup of my last relationship, when i read your website it was like we are so alike. I recently met the girl of my dreams and knew I had to face up to my problem and do something about it. I’m only two weeks into using the product and last night was able to last 25 minutes and give my girl an orgasm for the first time, it was the best feeling. Thanks so much this product”

Skeptical at first, impressed with what I got

Nurisher has rekindled the spark in my relationship; its natural formula has not only enhanced my performance but also reignited the passion in our love life.. I really loved it.
I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you

Try our Beating Premature Ejaculation Product Risk Free For 60 Days...

Right now you are probably really starting to think about giving this a go…

But I realize you may still have some doubts. It’s only natural…

After all this is the internet, and it’s unfortunate but true that there are a lot of scammers out there trying to cash in on your problem and take your money without offering any real help.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

I  GUARANTEE from this day forward that you will never again have to worry about the embarrassment of premature ejaculation…That’s a promise.

If you don’t…

  • Gain the ability to completely control your ejaculation.
  • Develop the staying power to satisfy your partner every time
  • Acquire an awesome feeling of supreme sexual confidence

...within 30 days of using NURISHER pack, I will gladly refund every penny with no questions asked.

And the reason why I am willing to make this bold promise is because I know that this product is the real deal, and I know how much it’s going to improve your life.

The risk is all on me…

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And this isn’t one of those wishy-washy refunds with exceptions and fine print…

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Simple as that.

That’s how confident I am about this product…

After all, I want you to be 100% certain that making this purchase is the right decision for you.

I mean, imagine if you were to walk away now and regret it for the rest of your life…

Make The Choice To End This Problem Today!

As you can see, you have the power put an end to premature ejaculation right now. Don’t wait another day. Make the choice right here and now to take action and put an end to this problem once and for all.

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