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How To Own And Develop Your Land/House With As Little As 400K Naira ($1,000) And Make Millions From It Guaranteed!

The Properties (Land/Houses In Nigeria) I Will Show You Will Make This Happen

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My name is Realtor Temitope and in 2008, just like you are doing right now, I was about to purchase my first property in Lagos…

That day, I learnt about strategy that helped me to avoid all types of Land scams.

That Absolutely Changed My Life & Real Estate Investment.

What was it, and how did it change my life?

Prior to 2008, I managed to purchased Land In Epe , If if you say my life was drifting, you’d be 100% correct because just few weeks after it was purchased, Government took over the possession of the properties in that location including mine.

The Only One True Desire I have was

I Wanted To Be A Landlord!

I wanted to buy land or nice house to shelter my family avoid embarrassment of being a tenant

Every day I sat thinking and searching for different ways to make this happen without being scammed

Because I was a victim and I do not want to experience other types of Land Scamming such as…


Forged Documents

Resell of Stolen Land

Omonile Wahala

Government barred Lands

Incomplete titles

Forged Documents

All form of encumbrances

Fraudulent Seller/Agent

There are lots of things that could potentially go wrong when buying properties

You are handling over the largest check you would ever sign to a stranger and you need to make sure that you are not missing anything by listening to me.

I have helped a lot of people, yours will not be an exemption.

It is absolutely critical that I depend on Temitope for a very thorough guide before I think of negotiating with the owners of the land. The level of honesty of service ‘tope offers is simply unrivaled..

I finally figure out the easiest way to secure your future with affordable property without the fear of being scam

One day, I stumbled on an article by Dr. Stephen ‘Tayo (Now my Mentor and Business Partner).

It contained so much valuable information about practical steps to take before buying any Real Estate in Nigeria (Copy Sent To Your email)

Stephen Was Like A God Sent!

I called him immediately.

Although I didn’t have up to selling price of his properties at that time, but I was determined to buy.

I was offered an Installment payment system.

Long Story Short, I’ve been able to acquire properties in Lagos,Ogun, Portharcourt, Ibadan, Abuja and even Enugu.

I became a landlord then I developed it and stop paying rent.

I have been able to sell some of my properties for profit (beyond 300% ROI) While some are build for rentals and a lot of them are being use as land banking.

I was able to achieve all these because the experience and eye-opening insight I got from Dr Stephen ‘tayo led me to become not just a landlord but a successful Realtor.


I have been able to acquire properties and help a lot of people as well

”Tope is extremely knowledgeable in Land related matters in Lagos and responsive to Buyers’ needs, especially for first-time buyers. Helped us to get our first property.”


Now It’s Your Turn!

I am inviting you to spend few minutes with me on the phone to guide you on the best available land offer that suits your budget.

YES! I will facilitate RISK FREE properties for you

Can you feel how much you want this?

What do you think Would be fair price for you to consult me to help you get better deal?

If you are being completely honest, I bet you’d say over Two hundred thousand Naira – Could lose multiple of that to Land scammers without adequate guidance.

See, my mission in life is to help a lot of people to acquire their choice properties without wasting their hard-earned money.

You’re not going to pay =N=200,000 because you’re here today (today’s date)

I’m setting the price for just ZERO Price

That’s if you right now

In This Free Consultation Call, I’ll Be Taking You Through The Process Of Easily Buying Legitimate Lands In Lagos, Which Guarantees A Good Return On Investment Without Any Government/Family Issues In The Nearest Future

In This Free Consultation Call, I’ll Be Taking You Through The Process Of Easily Buying Legitimate Lands In Lagos, Which Guarantees A Good Return On Investment Without Any Government/Family Issues In The Nearest Futurev

Simply fill the form below to Schedule a call Consultation with me (Fast Action Discount) But you have to act right now.

And to make this offer risk free to you and remove any doubts or excuses you may have, I will show you how…

Retirement Investors

It’s never too early to think about having a home to reside in when you retire. If you’re looking for the best deals to set you up for the future.

Here Are Some Examples of Funnels That Are Included In The 10x Funnel Template Bundle!
E-COMMERCE (Mini-Importation) FUNNELS
E-COMMERCE (Mini-Importation) FUNNELS

Selling physical products and not getting enough sales? Why not add a funnel to the products and become profitable right from the get go. You can easily build your email list as well using the 2-step order form on these funnels.

(NGN 200,00 VALUE)

We all know that getting leads is the foundation for any business, so naturally we’ve included lead funnels in this bundle in order for you to have maximum success acquiring new leads for your business.

(NGN 50,00 VALUE)

Digital Product Funnel

Digital Product Funnel

Are you selling digital courses? If so, these funnels are amazing for you. You can either use them as trip-wire funnels where you get leads first and then sell them something on the thank you page, or you can simply sell on the first page.
Perfect for things like a book funnel or course or even a template bundle like this one you’re on right now.

(NGN 200,00 VALUE)

Are you running a live or automated webinar? If not, you might want to think about doing so. Webinars are awesome cause they work as an automated 24/7 salesperson. Whether you’re selling an offer via order form or a high ticket coaching program you can sell it better with the help you a webinar.

(NGN 50,000 VALUE)



Every business owner needs a website FUNNEL, not just a website. These website funnels are structured in a way where you build trust, credibility, and authority with your visitors and then guiding them towards your free and paid offers. They work great whether you’re just looking to get leads on-demand or applications for a free consultation call.

(NGN 100,00 VALUE)



Done-for-you landing pages do the heavy lifting for you. It’s practically a template you can plug and play.

(NGN 100,00 VALUE)



Research shows that 62% of people thoroughly consume video content, young consumers prefer video content over written content, and 53% of consumers want to see more video content from brands that they love.

Simply for the fact that it’s video-based, VSLs can help you keep your audience’s attention, convert more traffic, and even connect with your target market on a deeper level.

(NGN 50,00 VALUE)

See What Others Are Saying About My 10x Sales Funnel Template Bundle

To Be Honest, We Should Charge 500,000 MINIMUM For All These 10 (!!!) Sales Funnels
They’re a REUSABLE lethal weapon that saves so much time and headache!

But I know most people won’t have tons of money to spend on this funnel template bundle if I actually priced it what I paid both in time and money to get all of them done for you. 

I spent 2 full months researching, developing, and optimizing the perfect funnel flow for all of these industries.

…SO INSTEAD OF CHARGING OUR REGULAR PRICE OF 45,000,(Which I would have loved to sell it for) I’m practically giving it away…
For 10,000 Naira (1K PER FUNNEL)
(Yes, Really)

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.​

I get it. I buy online materials too just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that you can get on google

 But I’m super proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

While I can’t guarantee that these swipe files will make you a millionaire in one week, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of everything you get inside plus the immense time and stress it will save you.


Total Value – 820,000 Naira

Regular Price – 45,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 10,000 Naira

My name is Frank, I am the Co-Founder and Lead Designer of BrandPro Agency, an agency that has built funnels grossing millions in revenue. We design websites and funnels for clients. In the past 2 years, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to design funnels that BREAK the ugly landing page standard, and have discovered the exact methods and techniques to build funnels that not only skyrocket your conversions but also make your brand stand out.

And if there is one thing I have learned from designing hundreds of funnels for clients, it is that you need a template for these things.
Designing a funnel every time from scratch is not smart, and even for someone as good in these things as me – I rarely design anything from scratch.
The 10x funnel template bundle is all the secret weaponry that I use to build killer funnels that are strategically designed to convert super-fast.


Yes! When you enroll you get access to video tutorial that covers everything you need to know.

You can use these funnels to attract leads and customers for ANY business in ANY industry who are selling products or services at ANY price levels. So YES, these works for you as well. When you join the Facebook Group that comes with it you can ask what funnel to use.

If you don’t use Elementor and you want to use something else like Instabuilder or Thrive Architect, you simply download all the graphics, images, and icons and upload them to your preferred page builder. You even get access to live links of the funnels so you can look at them before building them. Easy! (plus we answer all those questions on the other side)

Because Nigeria is hard…if i sell it for EXACTLY what it is worth, how many people can afford it? How many people can actually afford to pay me 500,000 naira for 10 sales letters? Tell me…so at this price, everyone can afford it. 


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